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Human Resources


We specialize in preparing studies and consultancies concerning human resources planning as well as improving its performance through studying the problems encounter the employee. This problem could be technical, psychological or behavioral.
The process involving analyzing the problem and then seek proper solution, by mean of report, advertising, consulting, and designing professional and administrative programs and to propose the adequate training to overcome the employee problem and enhancing their performance.


Flexible Staffing
IBCD provides a wide range of services to fulfill each client’s requirements. Whether a client’s needs are short term, long term or for permanent placement of administrative, technical or executive management personnel, IBCD customizes the right person to fit each client’s individual needs.
Temporary to Permanent
Skilled Professionals

Outsourcing Services

IBCD’s expertise in human resource management allows clients to outsource their human resource requirements, eliminating the demands of managing human resources and human resource benefit programs. In all cases, IBCD fulfills the ever increasing demands placed on companies today to comply with the government’s requirements. This allows companies to focus their resources on their core competencies.  In all cases, IBCD fulfills the human resource acquisition process.

Resume/C.V Distribution

Ever wondered why your job applications are not being replied with interview calls even if you have the right skills set and experience? The simple answer is your CV / Resume never reached to the right person at the right time.
Our CV distribution services aim to find a job for the applicant in a short span of time. Our team commitment will distribute your resume to all over UAE and get a good number of interview calls. To save your time and avoid hassles, then this is the efficient and ideal solution.
We update our email database on a regular basis to ensure that all emails are valid and up-to-date. Your Resume CV and portfolio will be stored on our Candidate Database permanently so that employers and recruiters in UAE can always find you even in the future.


Sexual Harassment
Workplace Safety
Customer Service
New Employee
Organizational Change Management
Corporate Compliance