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Airline Reservation and Ticketing

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Airline Ticketing and Reservation course, its objective is to provide aspiring Reservation officers/ Travel consultants the basic skills and knowledge of the position which International Airlines, Airports and Travel Agencies offered.


Course Content outline:

Airline Reservation& ticketing in a process of GDS using Galileo software

GDS Galileo and its History video viewing related to job role as Reservation Officer

GDS and other function, Role of Technology in travel industry

Internet access on online booking services

Sign on/ Sign off of the system, switching agent assembly areas

Identification of Airline codes, City code, Airport code

Encoding and decoding cities, airports, airlines, aircraft equipment, countries, states

Creating, Retrieving and displaying booking file fields

Flight details, Booking Flights, Return availability, Timetable schedule

Hands-on software practice, entering forms of payments, e-mails addresses,

Mileage membership, notepad remarks, OSI &SSR messages

Canceling and rebooking segments, Seats assignment by area, changing & canceling

Fare displays and Itinerary pricing, and Ticketing



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